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Xe-133/135 detected from gas sample of reactor1,2,3, amount not announced, Tepco “Spontaneous fission”

Related to this article..Ag-110m detected from gas sample of reactor1 and 3, “The boiling point is 2,164℃” [URL] From the analysis of PCV gas sampling, Tepco announced they detected Xe-133/135 from charcoal filter of reactor1, 2 and 3. These are fission products of Uranium. Half-life of Xe-133 is 5.25 days, half-life of Xe-135 is 9.2 [...]

Jap Gov declared cold shutdown without measuring neutron ray

  Though Tepco stated they could not measure neutron ray in November, Tepco turned out to have no equipment to know if recriticality is going on by measuring neutron ray. It became clear by the question of Japanese journalist, Iwakami Yasumi on the press conference of 2/13/2012. Source 53:50~ Having reactor 2 heated, it became [...]

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