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Breaking news Effects to be confirmed Health

Tachyarrhythmia increased 8× as 2010 in a hospital of Sendai

Tachyarrhythmia cases increased to be approx. 8 times much as 2010 in “Sendai Kousei Hospital [URL]”. The hospital specializes in circulatory disease, respiratory disease, and digestive disease. They have the most

Breaking news Natural disasters

M6.8 hit Northern part of Nagano / 50 aftershocks within 24 hours

M6.8 hit Northern part of Nagano prefecture at 22:08 of 11/22/2014 (JST). The seismic scale was 6-. 30 minutes later, an aftershock of M4.3 occurred. The seismic scale was 5-.

Breaking news Confirmed effects Health

40 of 47 given A2 in thyroid test of Matsudo city/City gov “Result not guarantee potential health in future”

Following up this article..  28 of 32 testees diagnosed A2 in thyroid inspection of Matsudo city Chiba [URL]   40 of 47 testees were given “A2″ diagnosis in Matsudo city of

Breaking news Natural disasters

M5.3 hit Fukushima offshore again / Gravitational acceleration reported significantly smaller in Daiichi plant

A major earthquake hit Fukushima offshore at 10:51 11/20/2014 (JST). Magnitude was 5.3, the maximum seismic intensity was 4. The depth of epicenter was 40km.   Tepco reported the horizontal

Breaking news Cover-ups Fukushima Plant

Anonymous NISA staff “All NISA staff escaped Fukushima plant by 3/12/2011″/”It’s meaningless for us to go back”

NISA (Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency of the Ministry of Economy)’s inspectors escaped from Fukushima nuclear plant by 3/12/2011, Fukushima accident investigation committee published the report on 11/12/2014. It was

Breaking news Cover-ups Fukushima Plant

I-131 density spiked in sewage plant of Fukushima

Iodine-131 density jumped up in sewage plant of Fukushima this October. The sample was dry sludge. According to Fukushima sewage public corporation, I-131 started being detected from sludge on 10/23/2014.

Breaking news Domestic and global Environment Ecology

US institution “Very low level of contaminant from Fukushima detected in West coast”/ Large areas left untested

On 11/10/2014, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution announced they detected Cesium-134 from seawater of west coast of US. Half-life of Cs-134 is only 2 years, therefore the detected Cs-134 originated in Fukushima

Breaking news Contaminated water crisis Fukushima Plant

Cesium-137 density spiked over 300 × in groundwater of Reactor 2 seaside

Various nuclides density rapidly increased in groundwater collected in Reactor 2 seaside, according to Tepco.   As Tepco reports, they found Mn-54 and all β nuclides density (to include Sr-90)

Breaking news Contaminated water crisis Fukushima Plant

Groundwater coming up in seaside of Reactor 2 again / Overflowing up-ground around 18th December

The groundwater level is observed to be coming up at least in 4 borings in seaside of Reactor 2. Fukushima Diary found the trend in Tepco’s data released on 11/14/2014.

Breaking news Misinformation Politics

High schooler in Tokyo sells “canned Fukushima air” / 600 yen each

A high school student is selling “canned Fukushima air”.  He’s a 17 years old artist known as “ATSU”, living in Machida city of Tokyo. He collects “air” in the coastal