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Core removing struggle

2.4 Sv/h on the basement floor of reactor1

↑ 2.4 Sv/h was measured around this point.     ↑ Steel plate lay over the aisle.   Following up this article.. [Video] Tepco identified a leaking part on reactor1

Domestic and global Environment Effects to be confirmed

[Video] Kodiak bear suddenly dies running uphill in Alaska / “Heart attack” ?

  Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge filmed a brown bear suddenly die running uphill. No details are attached to the video, but apparently it was filmed in 2013. The reason of


Matsudo city government “Don’t go close to the river, the radiation level is overly high”

↑ A warning of Matsudo city gov in Chiba. It reads “In this area (to the next bridge), radiation level goes higher toward the river. For the safety measure, please

Export from Japan Support by eating

Singapore to lift all the restrictions on imports from Fukushima

The Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong stated he is going to lift all the restrictions on imports from Fukushima prefecture to Singapore. It was announced after the meeting