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Core removing struggle Plant hazard

Xe-133/135 detected from gas sample of reactor1,2,3, amount not announced, Tepco “Spontaneous fission”

Related to this article..Ag-110m detected from gas sample of reactor1 and 3, “The boiling point is 2,164℃” [URL] From the analysis of PCV gas sampling, Tepco announced they detected Xe-133/135


Austrian Meteorological Agency”16,700 Peta Bq of Xe133 released, 2.5 times much as Chernobyl, the largest in history”

According to The Central Institution for Meteorology and Geodynamics of Austria, 16,700 Peta-Bq of Xe-133 was released into the environment. It was the largest civilian noble gas release in history,

Plant hazard

Ministry of Defense detected Xe-133 from the atmosphere of Aichi offshore “halflife is 5 days”

  On 2/13/2013, Ministry of Defense conducted aircraft monitoring of radioactive material for N. Korea’s nuclear test based on the forecast of WSPEEDI-Ⅱ. (cf, [Surrealism] MOE reinforces radiation monitoring for