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Whale and approx. 100 dolphins seen in the Inland Sea of Japan / Maritime Safety Agency “Extremely rare”

A whale and a large flock of dolphins were found in the Inland Sea of Japan by the local fishers. About 13:30 of 1/25/2015, local fishers found a humpback whale approx.

Sea contamination

5 whales cast on the shore in Chiba

↑ This is not the specific whale cast on the shore. According to Sanmu city Chiba, 5 whales were found cast on the shore at 17:00 of 7/2/2013. The location

Sea contamination

Irradiated whales

Whales are contaminated. From the results of the inspection on radioactivity materials in fisheries products by Fisheries Agency, they constantly measure cesium from whales . 15 May,2011 Minke whale 31Bq/kg