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Contaminated water crisis

[Reactor3,4] 8 billion Bq/m3 of cesium leaked from contaminated water pipe

4.2 tones of highly contaminated water leaked on the first floor of reactor4. It contains 77,000,000,000 Bq/m3 of cesium. Around 11:15 of 8/14/2012, a nuclear worker found the contaminated water

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2.7 Bq/kg of cesium measured from well water at 25km from the center of Tokyo

Radiation contamination is becoming serious even around in Tokyo area. 2.7Bq/kg of cesium was measured from well water in Nagareyama Chiba, where is 200km from Fukushima, 25 km from National

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[Anon leaks] NRC “SFP4 crisis may happen at US nuclear plants too”

Following up this article..Anonymous leaked IAEA, NRC and RC material about Fukushima On NRC’s report “Lessons Learned from Japan’s March 11 2011 Earthquake and Tsunami (SECY-11-0137) [Link]” they expressed the


32 swallows found dead at the water purification plant in Nagano

Related to this article..1.4 million Bq/kg from the nest of swallow TV Asahi reported 33 swallows were found dead at the water purification plant in Iida city Nagano on 6/24/2012.


Fukushima worker “The warranty period of the parts for coolant system is 1 year.”

Following up this article..Burnt motor of coolant system for reactor4 The actual Fukushima worker Happy11311 warned about the reliability of the coolant system of Fukushima on Twitter.     続き3:一昨日はポンプモーターの接続端子がショートしたけど、システム系の故障やモニタリングの故障等々結構あるんだ。粉塵とか線量の影響もあるかもしれないけど、そもそも突貫工事で全国から使えるもの調達できるものをかき集めて造った物が多いんだ。

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Tepco restarted coolant system of reactor 4

Following up this article..Reactor4 takes 3 more days to fix-Backup was stopped too Tepco restarted coolant system of SFP4 at 18:16  6/6/2012, announced in their daily press conference of 6/6/2012.

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Reactor4 takes 3 more days to fix-Backup was stopped too

Following up this article..Burnt motor of coolant system for reactor4 Tepco found a problem of insulation with the back up pump, they stopped it in the morning of 6/5/2012 as

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Gas covered reactor 4 on 6/4/2012

Gas / steam/ evaporated water came out from reactor 4 to cover the building around on 6/4/2012. It was from 12:50. ↓ 2:25 ~ ↓ Before ↓ After The weather


Tepco plans to increase water injection of reactor 3

Tepco is going to increase the amount of water to inject to reactor3. They assume reactors will be heated as it gets warmer from winter to summer. On 5/25/2012, Tepco announced

Contaminated water crisis

Fukushima worker concerns about ground settlement of Fukushima plants

Following up this article..Tepco plans to pump up groundwater and discharge it to the sea and Possible uneven settlement of reactor 4 Tepco is planning to pump up groundwater to reduce