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Coffee made of Fukushima natural water 33 km from Fukushima plant for sale / Mayor “Special aromatic taste”

Photo : Abukuma cave [Wikipedia]   Coffee made of Fukushima water is for sale. The water is taken in Abukuma cave, where is only approx. 32.9 km from crippled Fukushima

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Kashiwa city gov also warned not to go close to the river

  Following up this article.. Matsudo city government “Don’t go close to the river, the radiation level is overly high” [URL]   Kashiwa city government in Chiba also warned not

Contaminated water crisis Domestic and global Environment Plant hazard

[Contaminated groundwater penetration ?] 10Bq/cm2 on face of workers / A part of the plant tap water turned off

Following up this article..Dust monitoring alarm went off / Body cooling mist possibly contaminated Fukushima workers [URL] Tepco measured 10Bq/cm2 of contamination on the face and head of the 10


467 Bq/Kg of Cs-134/137 from decontamination water in Kohriyama city Fukushima

Related to this article..18,756 Bq/kg of Cs-134/137 measured from the mud in street gutter in Setagaya Tokyo [URL] According to the citizens’ radiation laboratory CRMS (Citizen’s Radioactivity Measuring Station), high


Cs-137 in Sub-drain water marked the highest reading in these 2 months

According to Tepco’s report of “Nuclides Analysis Result of the Sub-drain Water in the Surroundings of the Central Radioactive Waste Treatment Facility”, 3.1×10^5 Bq/m3 of Cs-137 was measured from the

Contaminated water crisis

[Water leakage] The picture of the leakage of reactor3 turbine building

On 12/11/2012, Fukushima diary reported 15m3 of contaminated water leaked in reactor3 turbine building. [Link] Tepco released the picture of the leakage location. Source     Iori Mochizuki _____ Français :


Tepco mishandled coolant water injection to reactor3 to increase by 20% suddenly, “touched a valve mistakenly”

According to Tepco, coolant water injection to reactor3 spiked up by 20% suddenly. WSJ reported it was because a nuclear worker touched a valve mistakenly when they took out the


[Column] Burning water

7:30 AM. It was time to clean my turtles. They are Chinese pond turtles, I bought them when I was 9 years old and we had been together for almost

Contaminated water crisis

Contaminated water leaked from water purification equipment of reactor6

Contaminated water leaked from water purification equipment of reactor6 as well.           Source 1 2     Iori Mochizuki _____ Français : De l’eau contaminée a

Contaminated water crisis

Tepco sent emergency email to report water leakage, “71,000,000,000 Bq/m3 of β nuclides”

Tepco sent the emergency email to press to report they found contaminated water leaking from their the desalination system (Reverse osmosis membrane). Tepco has constantly contaminated water leakage problem. They