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Contaminated water crisis Sea contamination

Tepco dropped water level gauge into groundwater observation hole / “Can’t measure the water level there anymore”

The contaminated water meets groundwater in Fukushima plant area, and it’s leaking to the sea. In order to stop the flow, Tepco is building the impervious wall on the seaside

Contaminated water crisis

Water level investigation of the tanks by thermography hasn’t been started

Article lié : URL]   Having contaminated water tanks leaking, Tepco’s president stated they were going to investigate the water levels of each tank on 8/26/2013. However in the press

Contaminated water crisis Sea contamination

Tepco changed groundwater level data to be “reference” from this week

Following up this article..[Column] Groundwater is possibly 65cm underground already – Press needs to demand Tepco data [URL] Tepco didn’t measure the groundwater level from the evening of 8/1/2013 to

Contaminated water crisis Core removing struggle

[Column] Possibility of the enlargement of holes in reactor1

Fukushima Diary reported an unidentified decrease of the reactor water level in reactor1 compared to the volume of water to inject. (cf. Injected water to reactor1 is leaking to somewhere

Core removing struggle

Unidentified synchronicity between reactor water level and pressure in PCV of crippled reactor3

According to Tepco’s plant parameter, the pressure in PCV has been increasing in reactor3 since September. 2012. However, the reactor water level (fuel range A) has been decreasing since September.

Core removing struggle

[Disorder?] Radiation level of PCV spikes when reactor water level decreases in reactor1

According to Tepco’s plant parameter, the radiation level of D/W in reactor1 spikes up when the water level in reactor decreases, which has been in the decreasing trend since late

Core removing struggle

Injected water to reactor1 is leaking to somewhere out of the reactor

According to Tepco’s plant parameter, the water level of reactor1 has been decreasing since August though the volume of water to inject had not been decreased until late November. The

Core removing struggle

RPV water level of reactor1 fuel area keeps decreasing, now it’s reaching the lowest level since 7/12/2012

According to the plant parameter announced by Tepco, RPV water level (Fuel area B) has been decreasing in reactor1 since 11:00 of 11/7/2012. At the moment of 11:00 of 11/10/2012,

Core removing struggle

11.1Sv/h in penetration tip of reactor1, “The higher it goes in PCV, the higher the radiation level goes.”

  On 10/10/2012, Tepco investigated the inside of PCV in reactor1. The water level was 2.8m from the bottom of PCV1. The highest dose was 11.1 Sv/h, which is enough