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Mt. Tokachidake had over 130 volcanic earthquakes right under the crater on 4/4/2015 / More than ever

On 4/5/2015, Sapporo District Meteorological Observatory announced they observed the significant increase of volcanic earthquakes of Mt. Tokachidake. Mt. Tokachidake is situated in the middle of Hokkaido of Japan. According to Sapporo

Breaking news Natural disasters

160 volcanic earthquakes observed in the mountain 80km from Fukushima plant

Following up this article.. Japan Meteorological Agency raised volcanic alert level 80km from Fukushima plant / “Don’t approach the crater” [URL]   On 12/12/2014, Sendai district meteorological observatory announced they

Natural disasters

Volcanic earthquake significantly increasing in South offshore of Kyushu

Note : If you are from the international mass media, Don’t read this site before taking a contact with me. ↑ Suwanose-jima [Wikipedia]   Following up this article.. Volcanic explosions