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[Column] Before burning the last wood

Now I’m in LA. On 11/11/2011, after having a lunch meeting, I was a little bit tired. I found myself researching the history of Easter island for some reason. There


JP Gov rejected issuing Nigerian doc visa to attend the int conference of nuclear held in Hiroshima

  Japanese government refused issuing a visa to an anti-nuke doctor. It is in Hiroshima. International conference of nuclear is to be held by International Physicians for the Prevention of


Canadian embassy closed Visa department in Japan

  As of 5/1/2012, Canadian embassy in Tokyo closed the Visa department and they will accept none of the new application. All the visa and immigration work will be moved


A Japanese woman had her visa declined by Indian government

  A Japanese woman from Fukushima was invited to India by Green peace, but Indian government canceled the visa though they had already given it to her. She was involved