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Natural disasters

Japan Meteorological Agency skipped reporting M4.1 off the coast of Sanriku at 17:03 of 5/16/2013

At 17:03 of 5/16/2013 (JST), M4.1 hit off the coast of Sanriku according to USGS. The seismic scale is not known. However, Japan Meteorological Agency did not report this quake

Natural disasters

USGS reported the Japanese “M6.4” as M6.9

At 23:17 of 2/2/2013 (JST), a large earthquake hit Hokkaido. [URL 1] Japan Meteorological Agency reported it to be M6.4, but USGS reported it to be M6.9.   ↓ Japan

Natural disasters

[Earthquake] Scale 5 only in Fukushima, but not listed in USGS series.

At 18:56 of 8/12/2012 (JST), M4.2 hit Fukushima. However, scale 5- was observed only in Nakadori Fukushima, where is about 55km from Fukushima plant. It was scale 1~ 2 in