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Cesium measured from all the 61 unpolished rice samples in Fukushima, “the max is 99Bq/Kg”

According to the radiation test of Fukushima prefectural government, cesium was measured from all the 61 samples of unpolished rice. The samples were taken from 10/11 ~ 10/12/2012, in Sukagawa


Fukushima gov rounded off 102.8 Bq/Kg from rice to 100 Bq/Kg and sell

Fukushima prefectural government measured 102.8 Bq/Kg (Cs-134 : 39.6 Bq/Kg, Cs-137 : 63.2 Bq/Kg) from the unpolished rice taken on 10/16/2012, but they rounded it off to 100 Bq/Kg to