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150,000 joined protest but police kept people underground uncounted

[Link] The protest of 7/6/2012 was interrupted by police from the beginning. Because police shut down the exits, people were stuck underground. The organizer commented 150,000 people joined, police stated

Contaminated water crisis

180,000 Bq/m3 of tritium from groundwater of Fukushima plant area

Following up this article..Tepco plans to pump up groundwater and discharge it to the sea From the priority measurement of radiation, tritium was detected from groundwater at one of the

Contaminated water crisis Sea contamination

Tepco plans to pump up groundwater and discharge it to the sea

  200 ~ 400 m3 of groundwater flows into the basement floors of reactor 1 ~ 4 on the daily basis. Tepco still injects 600m3 of water to reactor 1

Natural disasters

Crustal change is heating the bottom of Biwa lake.

Sediment is blasted actively on the bottom of Biwako, the largest lake in Japan. Mr. Kumagai ,the chairman of Lake Biwa environmental research institute talks, the environment of the late


Felt like something exploded underground, several Fukushima people talked

Following up this article ..Hydrogen explosion of reactor 4 may have happened on 1/9/2012   A Fukushima citizen, who evacuated to Akita, the next prefecture tweed about the situation of