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Radiation level in sub-drain of reactor1 and 2 picking up

  On 2/28/2013, Fukushima Diary reported “Radioactivity density of reactor1 sub-drain jumping up for 2 days, PCV temperature also increasing”. [URL] According to Tepco, the radiation level (Cs-134/137) of sub-drain

Sea contamination

Tepco to discharge underground water via bypass to the sea this April

  On 2/28/2013, the current Fukushima plant chief Takahashi stated Tepco is going to discharge underground water to the sea this April at the earliest. 400 tones of underground water


[Contaminated underground water]Reactor4 had 6.4 times much H-3 as reactor2 in its sub-drain

On 11/27/2012, Tepco released the report of “Nuclides Analysis Results of the Sub-drain”. According to this report, 6.2E+6 Bq/m3 of H-3 (radioactive water) was measured from sub-drain of reactor4, which

Contaminated water crisis Spent Fuel Pools

Tepco to attempt stopping underground water flowing into a duct of common usage pool

The contaminated water of the Central Radioactive Waste Treatment Facility (Process Main Building) and groundwater are flowing into the duct connected to the common usage pool. They are going to fill

Contaminated water crisis Domestic and global Environment Plant hazard

Fukushima coolant water comes directly to underground water ? Boron detected from underground water in Iwaki

On 10/25/2012, Fukushima prefectural board of education announced 6.9 mg/L of boron was detected from the underground water in Iwaki city Fukushima. The safety limit is 1 mg/L. Boric acid