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“There is no space to move spent fuel from reactor4, and it’s better than other ones.”

  Actual Fukushima worker Happy20790 tweeted about the situation of reactor4. He states they are planning to move the spent fuel to another pool, but the pool is already full


Fukushima citizen “My hands are full of corns.”

Some Fukushima citizens tweet about their skin problems too.   @petsboobee ☆junjun母子疎開計画中☆ 高知にいった時もそうだけど福島県を離れると戻るのがすんごくしんどい。私の手。魚の目の芯見たいのが無数にできていて気持ち悪い。犬シャンプーする時に被毛についている放射線大量に触ってるんだろうな。Source  <Translation> Like when I went to Kochi in Shikoku, it’s hard to come back to Fukushima once