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Roadside trees in Ibaraki withering and cracking – Photo

Roadside trees are already withering and the bodies are cracking in Ibaraki. Some of the Japanese citizens posted on Twitter. The location is Tsukuba city, where the pieces of nuclear


[Same substance in Kashiwa ?] Yellow substance stuck to street trees in Ibaraki

The source of this article is a Japanese forum “2ch” unlike other articles on Fukushima Diary based on more solid sources.   172 :地震雷火事名無し(茨城県):2012/11/12(月) 17:08:05.43 ID:m24TG1jz0 前スレに街路樹の幹に黄色いものが付いているというレスがあったけど、 同じと思われるものを近所で見つけたのでうpしてみました。 ・・・ 前スレ473さんの言うようにコケとはちょっと違う感じ。

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Settlement report 7/6~7/8

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