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[Photo] Japanese citizen “Geiger counter always detects higher level of radiation on the parcels from Tokyo”

It was posted on Twitter that higher level of radiation is measured on a parcel sent from Tokyo than back ground. The person comments it’s always like this.   0:37

Natural disasters

[Photo] Tepco finally started removing the Tsunami debris in plant area, trucks, pipes, etc..

Note : If you are from the international mass media, Don’t read this site before taking a contact with me.     From November 2013, Tepco started cleaning up the


[What was attached?] 22,000 CPM on Concrete mixer from Fukushima plant without decontamination

On 6/29/2013, Tepco announced they accidentally let a concrete mixer truck go out of Fukushima nuclear plant area. At 13:26, the truck left the area regardless of the order to

Effects to be confirmed

Another truck driver had myocardial infarction to crash into a parking bus in Hayama machi Kanagawa

Fukushima Diary reported a truck driver died of acute cardiac insufficiency to crash into a tree in Hayama city Kanagawa on 11/11/2012. [Link] However, 11/2/2012, another truck driver had myocardial


A truck driver died of acute cardiac insufficiency to crash into a tree

In Hayama machi Kanagawa, a truck crashed into a tree beside the street around at 0:50 PM of 11/11/2012. The truck driver (47) was sent to a hospital but he


Trucks with Fukushima number and radiation mark were caught by picture in Miyazaki prefecture

Unusual spiking of radiation level makes people question if disaster debris is incinerated nearby. Miyazaki prefecture in Kyushu is about 1072 km from Fukushima plant. They are not supposed to