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Gunma prefectural government hid I-131 density data in sewage plant sludge from this August

Related to this article.. I-131 detected from dehydrated sludge of sewage plant in Gunma [URL]   Gunma prefectural government decided not to disclose I-131 data of sewage plant sludge from this

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I-131 detected from dehydrated sludge of sewage plant in Gunma

Related to this article.. Significant level of I-131 detected from dry sludge of Fukushima sewage plant after rain in May [URL]   According to Gunma prefectural government, 24 Bq/Kg of I-131

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133.4 Bq/Kg from eel of Tone-gawa river Chiba prefecture

Note : If you are from the international mass media, Don’t read this site before taking a contact with me.     High level of radioactive cesium was detected from


Sweetfish to spawn significantly decreased in two major rivers of Kanto area

According to Japan Water Agency Tone river, the number of sweetfish to swim up Tone river and Arakawa river significantly decreased in 2013. Tone river has the largest basin in

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Cesium is sinking deeper under riverbed

    Though Ministry of the Environment has been measuring cesium from upper than 5cm (1.97 inch) deep under riverbed since May 2011, researching group of Kinki university found more