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Support by eating

[Support by eating] Idol group to fight harmful rumor “Just eat it for starters, and go to Fukushima”

Fukushima governor, Sato and an idol group, TOKIO held a press conference for the new TV commercial to fight harmful rumor.   What they are supposed to fight is the

Support by eating

Japanese actress Kitagawa Keiko, “can’t memorize the lines of TV drama”

Kitagawa Keiko (26), a Japanese actress is having difficulty to memorize lines of TV drama. On 10/9/2012, she was supposed to record 5 stories of a TV drama series but

Support by eating

Ministry of Agriculture paid TV company $1,090,000 for “Support by eating” TV commercial,with fishery agency bankrupt

The sum of subsidy that Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries paid for mass media was reported. On the other hand, disaster areas are not paid enough and suffering from

Support by eating

Japanese idol to promote “Support by eating” got seriously dark under-eye circles

Mr. Yamaguchi from Tokio is a Japanese idol to promote “Support by eating”. He had a brief whole body counter check and had 20.47 Bq/Kg of cesium 137 measured.[Link] The new

Export from Japan

Japan exports Fukushima peach and has Imperial family consume it

  It’s impossible to think only peach is not contaminated among Fukushima agricultural products, but they are committing into the peach marketing by using an idol group “TOKIO” on TV


Another member of Tokio hospitalized

Following up this article..Japanese idol on “Support by eating” positive from WBC Matsuoka(35), from the same idol group Tokio was hospitalized for dehydration. At 9:00 of 4/17, he visited a