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Breaking news Natural disasters

Kanto area still has as double earthquakes as before 311

Prof. Toda from Tohoku university reported that Kanto area still has earthquakes as double frequently as before 311. From his research, in large area to surround Tokyo bay, the frequency

Breaking news Natural disasters

Tohoku uni “Tectonic plate to have caused 311 started re-storing strain again”

The researching group of Tohoku University reported that the tectonic plate of 311 has started being strained again. 311 was caused by the release of strain of the tectonic plate


Tohoku university, “Radiocesium is more concentrated in the fetus than in the mother of Fukushima cattle”

On 1/23/2013, researching group of the experts published the report about the internal exposure of cattle abandoned in evacuation zone. The result shows radionuclides are more concentrated in children than


Peptic ulcer ratio jumped up 3 times much as before 311 in Miyagi

Lecturer. Iijima and Dr. Kanno from Tohoku university hospital found out the ratio of peptic ulcer jumped up 3 times much as before 311. Peptic ulcer includes gastric ulcer and


Tohoku university measures effectiveness of decontamination by using children

  Researching group of Tohoku University graduate school is going to measure the total dosage of children for 4 years to check the effectiveness of decontamination. In Marumori machi, where