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Contaminated water crisis

Water level investigation of the tanks by thermography hasn’t been started

Article lié : URL]   Having contaminated water tanks leaking, Tepco’s president stated they were going to investigate the water levels of each tank on 8/26/2013. However in the press

Contaminated water crisis

Tepco president “Water gauge is not installed to all the tanks, water level to be checked by thermography”

About the contaminated water problem, Tepco’s president held a press conference on 8/26/2013. In this conference, he stated they are going to check the water levels of the tanks by


[Steaming reactor3] Thermography shows the steaming area is over 15℃ hotter than atmosphere

Following up this article..Reactor3 steaming again / Over 1 Sv/h at 6 of 25 locations on the operation floor [URL] On 7/24/2013, Tepco conducted the second thermography survey of the