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82℃ in reactor2 → change the definition of cold shutdown

Video streaming by Ustream Reactor 2 marked 82℃. Tepco increased water amount by 1 tone on 2/11/2012, but increased it by additional 3 tones. Currently, they inject 17.6 tones /h


78℃ in reactor2

A Japanese freelance journalist tweeted this below. If it’s true, it’s only 2℃ left. She has been one of the most trustworthy source to me. You can read it as


74.9℃ in reactor2

Following up this article ..After all, nothing is improved Reactor2 marked the highest temperature in February. It’s only 5.1℃ to warn local governments around the Fukushima plants. It was 71.3℃


After all, nothing is improved

Reactor 2 has become over 71℃ again. The temperature of reactor 2 marked 73.3℃ on 2/6/2012. Tepco increased the water amount to inject to 13.5 tones/h on 2/7/2012. As a


The water level is lower than the heating gauge

  Tepco is still struggling to cool down reactor 2, but actual workers are concerned it may damage the water purifying system. The temperature went down to 66.0℃ at 11:00


Reactor 5 is being heated as well

Reactor 2 is being heated but reactor 5 is steadily being heated as well. From the plant parameter data of Tepco, the temperature of reactor 5 has gone up by


Tepco is struggling with reactor 2

Source Tepco is stil struggling with cooling reactor2. On 2/8/2012, the bottom of the reactor is 65.4℃. It decreased by 3℃ since yesterday, but still it remains high. Other two

Spent Fuel Pools

SFP of reactor 3 and reactor 5 are heated as well

Following up this article ..Attention : Reactor 2 is still being heated It’s not only reactor 2, which is being heated. According to the plant parameter data of Tepco, the


Attention : Reactor 2 is still being heated

  Following up this article ..Temperature of reactor 2 keeps getting high Since 11:00AM of 2/5/2012, the temperature of the container vessel has increased even more. 2/5/2012 11:00AM : 68.6℃


Temperature of reactor 2 keeps getting high

  Since 2/2/2012, temperature of reactor 2 has been in the increasing trend. Tepco announced the reason is not known. It’s measured by one of the 3 heat gauges in