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Column Sea contamination

[Column] Hope is in the persistent effort to invent the new technology

Though I can’t have much time to do something good for myself, Fukushima Diary is performing well apparently.   In both times of when something is way worse than expected


[Hope] Technology to produce solar cell from wood pulp is developed, “Manufacturing cost is 1/100,000”

Associate professor Nogi from Osaka university developed the technology to produce solar cell from wood pulp with his developing team. The manufacturing cost is 1/100,000 of the one with glass


[Hope] New technology to charge your phone with your hot coffee or cold beer

Fukushima Diary believes in small things (Small is the new big). I would like to introduce the new way of generating power independent from mass production. On kickstarter, the attempt


Pentagon seeks for the robotic technology for nuclear plant

Quote from the New York Times. [Link]   Seeking Robots to Go Where First Responders Can’t In the event of another disaster at a nuclear power plant, the first responders