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Effects to be confirmed

Google trends shows Japanese searching the word “Losing hair” increasingly since 2011

Note : If you are from the international mass media, Don’t read this site before having a contact with me.     Following up this article.. Google Trends shows more


Fukushima medical uni “It’s important to collect medical data before outbreak to come in 4~5 years”

Fukushima local government is keeping people within the prefecture as if Fukushima accident put no impact. However, Fukushima medical university is actually aware of the health risk related to Fukushima


NHK, “3 years old children are stressed from the anxiety of radiation”

Following up this article..Nausea and headache of Fukushima children increased from 6% to 38%. Gov “It’s stress.” The same researching group from Fukushima university conducted a research for 3773 parents

Effects to be confirmed

Death rate of heart disease in Fukushima became the highest in Japan

Though Fukushima prefecture conceals its health check result data, Akita prefecture publishes the data. It revealed the death rate of heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, and renal failure increased since 2010,


News reporter reported her own huge bruise

Following up this article..More Japanese people are having bruise Ms. Haramoto, the reporter of the news TV show “Morning bird (TV asahi)” tweeted her major bruise on her foot. This


Nausea and headache of Fukushima children increased from 6% to 38%. Gov “It’s stress.”

Related to this article..Fukushima students having their brain atrophied Fukushima university conducted “stress” research for 2743 people this January 2012. Valid responses were 2103 (77%). The result revealed that the

Confirmed effects

Fukushima parents are to sign on the letter of consent for the thyroid test of their children

Following up this article..Thyroid nodules rate in Fukushima is 20 time higher than in Chernobyl On 5/18/2012, Tokyo newspaper reported parents are not allowed to see their children having the

Confirmed effects

Voice of the streets 5/6/2012 “Can I have a baby ? -Cesium is measured from her urine. “

@luxi_221 ここ毎日、一週間程頭痛の日々で、昨日は吐き気も生じ、最悪でした。ここのところ、自己免疫力を上げるべく薬を我慢してきましたが、耐え切れず、飲みました。一日寝込んでしまいました。寝込んでも子供達のご飯が心配。 — やまめ (脱・原発1票+2) (@Uuuyumi) April 22, 2012 <Translate> I had a headache for this week, felt ill yesterday. It was horrible. Recently I tried not to take medicine to

Confirmed effects

Message from a reader, “I have some serious thyroid problems”

A couple of FD reader nicely sent me a message. The wife is from Romania and her husband is from Japan. They evacuated Japan on 12/15/2011, when is the next


Nails are falling off of Tokyo citizens

A lot of the low dose symptoms are reported around in Tokyo. Because there are too many ,I can not introduce all here. I only post the ones with pictures.