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The French embassy in Japan held a dinner party with Fukushima food

According to the French embassy in Japan, they held Fukushima food dinner party on 6/17/2016. Fukushima governor. Uchibori, Minister for Reconstruction. Takagi, and a French singer. Charles Aznavour were invited by the

Breaking news Politics Support by eating

All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. to make passengers support Fukushima by eating

On 2/13/2015, ANA (All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.) announced they are going to serve ingredients produced in Fukushima. This is their marketing project to feature local food of all around

Breaking news Politics Support by eating

Consumers not to buy Fukushima food increased 4.3% / Gov “Needs stronger collaboration with media”

Photo : “Tokyo supermarket for foreign tourists push significant number of Fukushima products / Labels in Kanji” [URL]   Consumers who avoid agricultural products from Fukushima increased by 4.3%. On

Breaking news Politics Support by eating

Old-established-cafe in Tokyo “Ginza West” decided to use Fukushima butter

On 9/8/2014, an old-established-cafe “Ginza West (Since 1947)” announced they started using Fukushima butter as of 9/1/2014. They commented “Now that the safety is confirmed based on scientific facts, it would

Breaking news Politics Support by eating

5 star hotel Grand Hyatt Fukuoka supports Fukushima by eating

The executive chef of Grand Hyatt Fukuoka is registered as “Fukushima supporter chef” to fight harmful rumor. Ernst Jaeck, who has been the “Fukushima supporter chef” since 1/22/2014, serves agricultural

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Tokyo supermarket sells Fukushima tomatoes for 50% price of other origins

A reader provided Fukushima Diary with a piece of information to let us know what is actually going-on in the supermarkets in Tokyo.   The picture sent shows a pack

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[Support by eating] Fukushima agricultural associations request approx 200 companies to purchase Fukushima peach

The agricultural associations in Fukushima prefecture started requesting approx. 200 companies to purchase the peaches produced in Fukushima from 7/1/2014. The association consists of Japan Agricultural Cooperatives, co-op, fishery cooperative

Breaking news Politics Support by eating

[Photo] JAL serves Fukushima candy for free on board / “Support by eating”

A former NHK announcer Hori Jun posted on Twitter that JAL (Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.) serves candy of Fukushima apple on board. (cf, Rebelled NHK announcer purged [URL])   21:22

Support by eating

Fukushima JA turnover marked the highest since 2006 / 7 billion yen in 2013

Fukushima JA’s sales in 2013 became the highest since 2006. They assume their appealing to the consumers about the safety contributed. It is the turnover of 49 direct sales shops

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New TV ad of support by eating emphasizes eating “mushroom”

      Following up this article.. [Support by eating] Idol group to fight harmful rumor “Just eat it for starters, and go to Fukushima” [URL]   The new TV