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Fukushima board of education ordered schools not to make students decontaminate the facilities

On 5/8/2013, Fukushima Diary reported “Fukushima high school makes students clean pool, “Atmospheric dose is 0.5μSv/h” [URL]” According to Fukushima board of education, they told the high schools not to


Two kindergartens in Fukushima held a sports meeting outside

On 9/29/2012, two kindergartens in Iidate village held a sports meeting in their provisional facility in Fukushima city. The kindergartens are Kusano and Iitoi kindergarten. Last year they held a


16.57 μSv/h on the street beside students running around a junior high school in Fukushima

In Koriyama city Fukushima, still 330,000 people are living. Highly radioactive dust is accumulated on the streets, but students are running on the dust. On 9/14/2012, the video was taken


Kawasaki city mayor, “School serves radioactive lunch for educational purpose.”

Schools keep serving contaminated lunch for the students and they don’t even solve the problem. (cf. Cesium from finished school lunch in Miyagi) Tokyo newspaper reported Abe, the city mayor


Fukushima is still trying to attract tourists.

  Fukushima prefecture is trying to attract high school students from Tokyo. About 700,000 students used to visit Fukushima for school trip, but 90% of them cancelled in 2011. The

Export from Japan

Fukushima kindergarten imported sandbox sand from Australia

They can’t even supply radiation free sand in Fukushima. can’t understand why they try to remain in Fukushima even by importing sand from Australia. Even if the sand is not


20% of the children in disaster area decreased weight

Following up this article..Children stopped growing in Fukushima Japan auxology academic society analyzed the growth data of 100 students living in Tsunami disaster area of Miyagi, from April, August to