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Ibaraki prefecture manipulated the radiation survey

  Ibaraki prefecture published the radiation survey result on 2/16/2012. The survey was conducted from 8/4/2011 ~ 10/26/2011. As the result, Strontium89 and Plutonium238 were under detectable level, Ibaraki prefecture


Pu-238 measured from the ground soil of sea

In early September of 2011, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology measured marine soil offshore of Ibaraki, Fukushima and Miyagi.   They published the result on 1/20/2012 finally but it


110 million Bq/L of St-90 was leaked to the sea in December

Following up this article ..220 tons of highly radioactive water leaked and a part of it leaked to the sea What Tepco admitted was they leaked 45 tons of contaminated


Strontium-89 from the air of Tokyo

Following up this article about Strontium 90 in the air of Tokyo It turned out that Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial and Vocational center knew but hid the fact that they measured