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Strontium-90 detected at 2 locations in 3km offshore Fukushima nuclear plant

According to Tepco, Strontium-90 was detected at 2 locations in the Pacific. 17 Bq/m3 at 3km offshore of Ukedo river. 35 Bq/m3 at 3km offshore of Fukushima daini nuclear plant.

Export from Japan

Russia rejected importing 2 cars from Japan, beta nuclides detected

  According to the far east customs house of Russia, two Japanese cars were rejected at Vladivostok port for excessive level of radiation. They are Nissan X-Trail and Toyota Vitz.

Effects to be confirmed

Strontium-90 detected in the lake of Kashiwa city Chiba “3 times much as 2011”

According to ministry of the environment, 4.4 Bq/Kg of Strontium-90 was measured from Teganuma lake of Kashiwa city Chiba. Strontium-90 is known to cause leukemia. The sampling date was 9/11/2012.

Sea contamination

Strontium-90 measured from sea offshore Fukushima and Ibaraki

Strontium-90 was measured from sea water offshore Fukushima and Ibaraki according to MEXT. The sample was taken last October and November. Strontium-90 is from nuclear reaction, known to cause leukemia.


Strontium-90 measured from west of Tokyo

According to the research of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, 29 Bq/m2 of strontium-90 was measured in Yamanashi prefecture, where is in the west of Tokyo. (At the