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MEXT immediately released the SPEEDI data for N. Korea nuclear test

Having North Korea’s possible underground nuclear test, MEXT released the simulation data of radioactive material, which is called “WSPEEDI-Ⅱ”. It simulates the possible spreading fallout until 18:00 of 2/13/2013. When


Fukushima medical uni “It’s important to collect medical data before outbreak to come in 4~5 years”

Fukushima local government is keeping people within the prefecture as if Fukushima accident put no impact. However, Fukushima medical university is actually aware of the health risk related to Fukushima


Fukushima prefecture started saving SPEEDI data by their own USB since 1 hr before reactor3 exploded

Fukushima prefecture received SPEEDI data from 23:54 of 3/12/2011 to 9:45 of 3/16/2011.[Link] They received emails to contain SPEEDI data 86 times from Japanese government, but they abandoned the data


[Asahi]Government ignored U.S. radiation monitoring data in days after 3/11

As usual, Japanese news paper has split personality. Japanese version conceals every important fact but English version is very critical about Japanese government’s policy. <Quote> [Asahi]   June 18, 2012


Settlement report 6/11 ~ 6/12/2012 – Believers

      1 hour later, news paper companies finally reported the explosion of reactor 1. At first they didn’t even report it exploded, instead “Explosive sound was heard, white


Internal document “SPEEDI result is too serious. can’t be disclosed.”

  Insider document was made to record that 3 administers including Takagi, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and administrators of MEXT discussed the SPEEDI result and judged