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Black substance mass generated

  Following up this article..Black substance emits 45.699μSv/h of alpha ray The black substance, which is probably Cyanophyceae, was mass generated after the rain. As it goes warmer and more humid,


When to come to Japan

  I left Paris and now I’m in Tunisia to try to open a press conference and something. I think the next 311 will be a turning point. People may

Domestic and global Environment

340,000 Bq/kg of cesium from the dam in Fukushima

  Following up this article ..Snowmelt will carry the radiation stocked in mountain Ministry of the Environment measured radiation at 214 points of the rivers and lakes in Iwate and


0.92 microSv/h from St.Louis

They are concerned that plume flies from Japan to America. Though it is not sure that it’s from Japan, they measured 3.7 times higher level of radiation from snow in

Domestic and global Environment

Snowmelt will carry the radiation stocked in mountain

Science writer Hirose Takashi warns of the risk of snowmelt in Spring. Hirose Takashi pointed out the risk of internal exposure sooner than anyone else immediately after 311. He is


Iodine-131 measured from snow in Hachioji Tokyo

It snowed on 1/20/2012 around in Tokyo. They measured Iodine-131 from the snow in Hachioji Tokyo.     Cesium 134 : 14.9 Bq/Kg Cesium 137 : 15.3 Bq/Kg Iodine 131 :


0.36 microSv/h from snowfall in Saint Louis

Following up this article ..0.27 microSv/h from snow in Saint Louis 0.36 microSv/h (42.9 CPM) was measured from snowfall in Saint Louis on 1/13/2012. Also, back in 6/28/2011, they measured


Sunflower blooms in snow

One of the readers kindly sent me this. In snow ,sunflowers are blooming. December ,Koriyama Fukushima.       大きな地図で見る _____ Français : Un tournesol fleurit dans la neige