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Natural disasters

[Analysis] What’s happening to the ecology of Japanese lakes ?

Since one week ago, over 10,000 crucian carps have been forming a group near the surface of an agricultural reservoir in Bizen city Okayama. The resident living near the pond

Domestic and global Environment

Eggs of sweetfish decreased by 98% in Biwa lake, Prefectural gov “Unusual condition”

Shiga prefectural fisheries experimental station researched sweetfish laid 98% less eggs than usual in Biwa lake. Biwa lake is one of the major producing centers of sweetfish. So far, they

Export from Japan Food contamination

Cesium measured from American green nuts

A Japanese supermarket chain, Maruetsu measured cesium from pistachio imported from US. [Link] (cf. Japan exports Fukushima peach and has Imperial family consume it) 98% of American pistachio is produced