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[Column] Hope to be more real-time and grass-rooted

Everyone dies for 100% but it doesn’t mean you can let someone die, you can let yourself die. Sometimes despair gets the strongest gravity. It looks easier to think there


167 of 1,200 evacuees from Futaba machi to Saitama have already died in shelter

According to Japanese comedian Tomiyama, 167 of 1,200 people died in the disaster shelter in Saitama already. They evacuated from Futabamachi Fukushima. They use Kisai Saitama prefectural high school for


The last disaster shelter in Saitama started charging on disaster victims

The last shelter for the evacuees from Futaba machi Fukushima started charging 1,100 JPY (3 meals) from this September. 155 people are still remaining in the shelter, most of them


Disaster related death in Fukushima exceeded 1,100, “3.6 times much as Iwate and it’s increasing”

Disaster related death in Fukushima keeps increasing. Though the main disaster area was Miyagi, death cases in Fukushima is 140% of Miyagi. On 9/14/2012, disaster related death was 1,104 in


Small Japan turned out to be only for rich people

This is a bad news for poor pro-nuclearer. Following up this article ..Japanese government is going to build a remote Japan in India It turned out this small Japan is