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[Column] Leaving for the next research

After having the company financial crisis, I feel like I’ve got to the third stage since I left Japan. The naive “traveler” to be out of Japan in the first


Interview me

I had a great interview with Ms. Libbe HaLevy from Nuclear Hotseat. You can listen to it here. LINK Download here: http://lhalevy.audioacrobat.com/download/839bafb6-e3ca-1e38-0fc0-537c2b5d513a.mp3 Interview with Iori Mochizuki, blogger behind Fukushima Diary,


Settlement report and apology for sudden shut-down

Fukushima Diary has been down for 24 ~ 48 hours in these few days. I hope everyone can see it now.(though if you can’t see it, you can’t read this

Spent Fuel Pools

Reactor4 foundation is so soft that they need soil stabilization

Following up this article..Possible uneven settlement of reactor 4 On 6/26/2012, Tepco published the latest pictures of Fukushima plants. The series of photos included the picture of when they were

Contaminated water crisis

Fukushima worker concerns about ground settlement of Fukushima plants

Following up this article..Tepco plans to pump up groundwater and discharge it to the sea and Possible uneven settlement of reactor 4 Tepco is planning to pump up groundwater to reduce

Spent Fuel Pools

Possible uneven settlement of reactor 4

Following up this article..Tepco started soil improvement work under reactor4   Mr. Kino, a freelance journalist asked Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency about the state of the reactor4 building on


One year and when you are thought to be assailant

  I don’t like one year anniversary. Nothing’s ended. We only confirmed that nothing has been improved since 311. The public execution has begun in Fukushima, like in Minamisoma. As