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[Surrealism] MOE reinforces radiation monitoring for the nuclear test of N. Korea

In the afternoon of 2/12/2013 (JST), North Korea announced the success of its third underground nuclear test. *1 In order to protect Japan from the radioactive contamination, Ministry of the


Sankei newspaper reported 95% of “the people” are for setting up military, 92% of respondents were male

Sankei newspaper reported 95% of the people are for militarizing Japan Self-Defense Force from their original poll. The responds were collected by 1/22/2013. However, 92% of the respondents of this


Reactor4 fire of 3/15/2011 was extinguished by US army

On 6/20/2011, Fukushima Diary reported that reactor4 actually had one explosion and two fires in March 2011. (cf. Reactor4 had one explosion and 2 fires in March 2011) At 12:07

Environmental contamination

Tepco planned blasting reactor3 by firearms before its explosion

  Following up this article..Tepco released video of emergency TV meeting “99.3% cut off, 1665 beep sounds, 29 image concealment” There have been comments posted on Fukushima Diary that Tepco

Effects to be confirmed

Self-defense official suffer from leukemia to have searched for dead people

Sugimoto Yuko, the owner of the first deformed rabbit without ears tweeted about a self-defense official who suffer from leukemia. @ikarostayuu 杉本祐子 栃木の32歳の自衛官が原因不明の貧血で、知人の勤務する病院に来た。赤血球は3分の2以下、白血球は増加、目も舌も真っ白。食べても太らず、脱力感が続く。3月末から亘理やあちこちで遺体捜索をしてきたそうな。今日の検査結果では明らかに白血病だが、何と言ってあげればいいのかと悩んでいた。(Source) <Translation> A self-defense official (32) in Tochigi