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Elementary schools in Fukushima city are going to serve Fukushima city rice from next January

Fukushima city board of education is going to have elementary schools in Fukushima city serve rice produced in Fukushima city for school lunch. They have been serving rice from Aizu


[Express] “Fukushima children are standing up with the internet”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous update.   “福島でデジタルネイティブの子供たちが反抗中のようです!ネットを検索した子供たちがついに大人たちに、これ無理矢理食べさせて、大人は責任取れるのかと追求し、一部の学校では、学校の対応が変化しているらしい!これってすごい!!” — ベジーの食卓さん (@vegitaku) 11月 28, 2012 <Translate> Children who have been using internet device since they were born are seemingly


Nihonmatsu city to restart serving Fukushima rice for school lunch from December

Nihonmatsu city board of education in Fukushima is going to serve local rice for school lunch from December. They check radiation level of all the rice bags produced in 2012.


Kashiwa city served Fukushima rice for school lunch to fight harmful rumor

To fight harmful rumor, Tadami machi in Fukushima and Kashiwa city in Chiba exchanged 60kg of local rice and Kashiwa city served the Fukushima rice for school lunch in Dai


203 elementary school students had lips swollen or sore after school lunch in Atsugi city Kanagawa

On 11/15/2012, 145 students from all the grades had sore or swollen lips after school lunch in Atsugi Daini elementary school in Kanagawa prefecture. The school has 830 students in


Fukuoka school lunch association has been purchasing food from Fukushima since August 2011

Fukuoka prefectural school lunch association has been purchasing food from Fukushima at least since August 2011. School lunch material from Fukushima are recorded on their radiation measurement data published on


Cesium measured from shavings of dried bonito produced in Kagoshima, the most southern part of Kyushu

According to Yokohama city board of education, cesium was measured from shavings of dried bonito produced in Kagoshima. They were tested on 1/6/2012, used to school lunch. Sample : shavings of dried

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[Express] Elementary schools banned students from bringing their water bottles in Tokyo and Miyagi

Reporting tweets as [Express] for more simultaneous updating.   江戸川区の小学校、10月より水筒持参禁止の通達。夏の間は熱中症予防のため限定的に許可しただけだった。署名を集めて提出しても区議会に却下される。もっともっとたくさんの区民が声をあげて行動しなければ江戸川区は給食の検査も行わず、子供はどんどん被爆してしまう。 — Makさん (@bachaterajp) 10月 6, 2012 <Translate> An elementary school in Edogawa ku Tokyo gave out notification to ban students


84 students hospitalized after school lunch in Chiba, “The cause is not known.”

On 10/4/2012, 84 students in Tateyama city junior high school Chiba were hospitalized immediately after school lunch. They had stomachache. On 10/11/2012, Tateyama city government announced it was not food


Lowest detectable amount of school lunch is 10Bq/Kg, the one of cafeteria in Fukushima gov is 1Bq/Kg

Some Japanese schools serve contaminated food for school lunch for educational purpose. (cf. Kawasaki city mayor, “School serves radioactive lunch for educational purpose.”) Fukushima city schools measure radioactive material in