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Marine products company in Miyagi restarted selling canned Pacific Saury after 2 years blank

Kinoya ishinomaki marine products company in Ishinomaki city Miyagi restarted selling canned Pacific Saury (Cololabis saira). Since 311, they have not been shipping it due to the equipment damaged by

Export from Japan Sea contamination

Russia predicted saury contamination before China banned importing from Japan

On 11/5/2012, Fukushima Diary reported China refused importing Japanese frozen saury for excessive cadmium. [Link] However, Russia had already banned importing Pacific saury (Cololabis saira) from Japan in late July of 2011


2 golden saury from Iwate

On 10/3/2012, 2 golden saury were shipped from Ofunato city Iwate to Tsukiji market Tokyo. Tsukiji market stakeholders wondered if it was mutation. The bidding price was 10,000 JPY/1 piece.