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171 Bq/Kg from a school playground sand in Kamakura city / Jumped up over 6 times as last year

On 10/20/2015, Kamakura city government announced they measured 171 Bq/Kg from the earth of a playground at an elementary school. The school name is Yamasaki Elementary School. Cs-134 density was

Breaking news Domestic and global Environment Ecology

360 Bq/Kg detected from sand beside elementary school of Tokyo

On 9/28/2015, a citizen’s radiation measurement station “Fujimi-ru” reported they measured 359 Bq/Kg of Cs-134/137 from sand in Tokyo. This is the equivalent of 350% of food safety limit. The

Misinformation Politics

Fukushima prefecture “Contaminated beach sand can easily be washed off so it’s safe”

Radiation health risk advisor in Fukushima, Takamura commented on a local newspaper that contamination from beach is negligible because it can be washed off in shower. (Article related to Takamura.. Fukushima

Domestic and global Environment Sea contamination

Fukushima gov to open swimming beach / 94 Bq/Kg from sea floor, but don’t even check sand

Fukushima prefectural government and Iwaki city government are going to open 2 swimming beaches this summer (Yotsukura & Nakoso) without analyzing the beach sand. They measured 3,167 Bq/Kg of Cesium-134/137

Domestic and global Environment

Radiation level increased at all of the 18 points within 2 months in Yotsukura beach Fukushima

Following up this article..Iwaki city opened Yotsukura swimming beach / 3,200 Bq/kg from sand [URL] Having opened the swimming beach, the atmospheric dose increased at 18 of 18 points from

Domestic and global Environment

Iwaki city opened Yotsukura swimming beach / 3,200 Bq/kg from sand

Iwaki city Fukushima opens two swimming beaches from 7/15/2013 to 8/18/2013. Yotsukura swimming beach is newly open this year. It was closed due to 311 effect last year. However they

Export from Japan

Fukushima kindergarten imported sandbox sand from Australia

They can’t even supply radiation free sand in Fukushima. can’t understand why they try to remain in Fukushima even by importing sand from Australia. Even if the sand is not