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142 wild birds found dead in Saitama / Test result of chemical material and avian flu were negative

According to Kazo city Saitama, 142 wild birds were found dead within a few hundreds of meters radius area before the noon of 7/13/2013. 46 were starlings, 29 were sparrows,


[Iodine-131 detection in school lunch] Obihiro city, “Iodine-131 was mistakenly detected, possibly it’s Pb-214”

Following up this article..”“Iodine-131″ detected from various school lunch ingredients from North Kanto area” [URL] Having the detection data widely reported, on 7/1/2013 Obihiro city board of education announced on

Plant hazard

“Iodine-131” detected from various school lunch ingredients from North Kanto area

According to Obihiro city Hokkaido, Iodine-131 was detected from some school lunch ingredients produced in North Kanto area. Iodine-131 is a fission product. Half-life is 8 days. It is used


[Nuclear Regulation Authority] Fallout level in Tokyo is the second highest in Kanto area, 1.72 times much as average

According to Nuclear Regulation Authority, radioactive fallout level (Cs-134/137) in Tokyo was the second highest in Kanto area in May 2013. The report was released on 6/28/2013. In this survey,


[Not radiation effect] Uniquely shaped Brassica juncea in Metropolitan area

Uniquely shaped Brassica juncea [Wikipedia] is frequently reported in Metropolitan area. Fukushima Diary is sure it has nothing to do with radiation, it has been seen since before 311. ↓


102.5 Bq/Kg of Cs-134/137 from Sayama green tea leaves for sale

A citizens’ radiation measuring station reported they detected Cs-134/137 over 100 Bq/Kg from green tea leaves for sale. The safety limit of food is 100 Bq/Kg. However, the Ministry of


32 Bq/Kg from natural crucian carp in Saitama

[Wikipedia]   According to Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, 32 Bq/Kg of Cs-134/137 was measured from crucian carp in Saitama. It was a natural sample. The sampling location was


[Not radiation effect] Saitama citizen “Deformed tomato is in every package, origin labelled as Kyushu”

A Saitama citizen reported she found deformed mini-tomatoes in every package sold at a supermarket. The origin was labelled as “Kumamoto (Kyushu)”, it was unusually cheap. (198JPY/package)   <Translate> Now


167 of 1,200 evacuees from Futaba machi to Saitama have already died in shelter

According to Japanese comedian Tomiyama, 167 of 1,200 people died in the disaster shelter in Saitama already. They evacuated from Futabamachi Fukushima. They use Kisai Saitama prefectural high school for


[Express] 26,710 Bq/Kg from the filter of air-conditioner in Saitama

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates. エアコンフィルター付着ほこり。セシウム2万6710ベクレル/kg。埼玉県久喜市 店舗内2ヵ月分。TS100B-15にて容器に試料満タン186gで測定。 twitpic.com/bwudqc — 日向野研治さん (@higanokenji) 1月 20, 2013 <Translate> 26,710 Bq/Kg of Cs-134/137 was measured from the dust of air-conditioner filter.