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Aomori police put the notice against protests, “Prevention of nuisance”

毎週金曜日の青森金曜行動も氷点下7℃の中、昨日から始まりました。そして新年早々青森でも言論弾圧が始まった模様。駅前公園にこんな貼紙出現。青森警察署から「混乱を誘発・助長する行為」は逮捕?混乱させた後に人命まで奪う核燃はOKなくせに? bit.ly/WqXZbh — amさん (@arkwave) 1月 4, 2013 <Translate> We protest in Aomori every Friday. This year, in the cold weather of -7℃, it started it yesterday. Though the new

Spent Fuel Pools

Rokkasho reprocessing plant, “If JP Gov abandons fuel reprocessing, we’ll send back spent fuel”

Japanese government announced on 9/14/2012 that they are phasing out nuclear power completely sometime in the 2030s. They also decided to consider decommissioning fast-breeder reactor, Monju. (cf. JP Gov to

Natural disasters

M6.0 in Aomori was not an aftershock of 311

Following up this article..M6.0 hit Aomori Japan Meteorological Agency held a press conference on 5/24/2012. They announced the M6.0 of earthquake to hit Aomori was not an aftershock of 311.

Natural disasters

M6.0 hit Aomori

M6.0 hit Aomori. Scale is 5+. No tsunami warning but it was scale 4 in Rokkasho reprocessing plant.     Source     Iori Mochizuki