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[Video] 0.53 μSv/h still measured beside a river in Kashiwa city Chiba

A Japanese citizen measured the radiation level in Chiba prefecture on 10/12/2015 and posted the footage on Youtube. The measuring location was Ohorigawa-river in Kashiwa city. It is approx. 190

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Ministry of Land awarded a Fukushima river a prize of the clearest river in Japan

Arakawa river in Fukushima city was awarded a prize as the clearest river in Japan by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.   On 7/22/2014, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and

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Kashiwa city gov also warned not to go close to the river

  Following up this article.. Matsudo city government “Don’t go close to the river, the radiation level is overly high” [URL]   Kashiwa city government in Chiba also warned not

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133.4 Bq/Kg from eel of Tone-gawa river Chiba prefecture

Note : If you are from the international mass media, Don’t read this site before taking a contact with me.     High level of radioactive cesium was detected from

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NRA “Contaminated rainwater doesn’t only flow from the tank areas, but the entire Fukushima prefecture to the sea

Note : If you are from the international mass media, Don’t read this site.   Related to this article.. Tepco “It rained significantly heavily only once in 2012″ → Contaminated

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Mud festival in Hanawa-machi Fukushima

“Mud festival” was held in Hanawa-machi Fukushima and reported on 8/5/2013. Hanawa-machi is in 76 km South West of Fukushima nuclear plant.         Iori Mochizuki Truth is

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Over 1μSv/h at 5 locations beside the major river in Kashiwa Chiba, “All blockaded”

According to Chiba prefectural government, high level of radiation was measured beside the class A river, Ohori gawa. It was in Kashiwa city, where is known to be hot spot.

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Radiation accumulating in lakes and rivers around Metropolitan area

According to MOE (Ministry of the Environment), radiation level of ground soil in rivers and lakes has been increased since last research in 9 ~ 11. 2012 around Metropolitan area.

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Fukushima city government bottles Fukushima tapwater to sell

In order to fight harmful rumor, Fukushima city government is selling bottled tapwater at conference or events held in the city. (100 yen for 500ml) They started selling it in

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Only 2 Japanese pond smelt caught from 3 days test fishing in Haruna lake Gunma

  On 1/22/2013, Fukushima Diary reported “Japanese pond smelt gone nearly extinct in Haruna lake Gunma, can’t even find a sample for radiation test”. [Link 1] By the third day