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Roadside trees in Ibaraki withering and cracking – Photo

Roadside trees are already withering and the bodies are cracking in Ibaraki. Some of the Japanese citizens posted on Twitter. The location is Tsukuba city, where the pieces of nuclear


Cedar tree in Saitama suddenly fell down for unknown reason, a woman injured

At 13:45 of 12/4/2012, a tree suddenly fell off and a woman (47) got her head hit strongly and was squashed by the tree. It was a tree in Takinomiya


Red forest in Gunma ? 40% of street trees withering, infected by fungi, roots are rotten

35 of the 87 zelkova trees along the street from Maebashi station to national road 50 are withering. (40%) It was confirmed in October.2011, the current state is not announced.