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Pumice stones from submarine volcano eruption likely to hit the coolant systems of Fukushima plant

Photo : Reactor 5 and 6. Photo was taken on the 19th of June, 2015. [URL]   An overwhelming amount of pumice stones is likely to hit the Fukushima plant. 

Fukushima Plant Plant hazard

Coolant system of Reactor 6 spent fuel pool also suspended for 2 hours

Related to this article.. Reactor 5 temperature jumped up 13 ℃ while losing coolant system only for 2 days [URL]   On 7/11/2014, Tepco announced the coolant system of SFP

Spent Fuel Pools

Tepco to transfer a part of fuel from Reactor4 pool to another spent fuel pool due to the lack of space

Tepco ends up transferring fuel from a spent fuel pool to another spent fuel pool.   On 6/18/2014, Tepco announced that they are running out of the space for Reactor4

Contaminated water crisis

Tepco sprinkles over 50 m3 of contaminated water in Fukushima plant area everyday / Tepco “It’s not discharge”

Tepco sprinkles contaminated water in the plant area on a daily basis. NRA (Nuclear Regulation Authority) pointed this out on the working group meeting of 3/5/2014.   According to Tepco


Reactor5 and 6 officially shut down as of today

Note : Thank you for reading Fukushima Diary. Fukushima Diary is genuinely supported by your donation.Monthly recurring donation is also appreciated. On 1/31/2014, Tepco announced they officially closed reactor5 and


Tepco decided to decommission reactor 5 and 6

Note : If you are from the international mass media, Don’t read this site before taking a contact with me.     Related to this article.. JP Gov “Reactor5&6 to

Environmental contamination

Seawater fence of reactor5&6 cut off again

Note : If you are from the international mass media, Don’t read this site before taking a contact with me. A seawater fence was found cut off again by Tepco

Contaminated water crisis

New tank leakage outside of the plant port area / Location map is not published

On 9/28/2013, Tepco reported a new tank leakage was found. Around 23:00 of 9/28/2013, a sub-contract worker found the leakage from the flange part of the tank for reactor5 and

Contaminated water crisis Environmental contamination

Reactor5&6 pump up 6,000 tones of seawater per hour from Fukushima port to discharge to outside of the port

On 9/26/2013, Tepco announced reactor5 and 6 pump up 6,000 tones of seawater from the plant port per hour. The water is used to cool down the reactors, and it’s


Seawater fence for reactor5&6 cut off due to high waves / Tepco “No radiation leakage”

Following up this article.. Seawater fence for reactor5&6 cut off / Can’t fix it due to the high waves for the Typhoon [URL]   In the press conference of 9/26/2013,