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Sea contamination

Tritium leakage from reactor 5 and 6

On 9/21/2012, Tepco released the nuclear analysis result of radioactive materials in the sea water. The samples were taken on 4/16 and 5/14, so their release is 5 ~ 4


Reactor 5 is being heated as well

Reactor 2 is being heated but reactor 5 is steadily being heated as well. From the plant parameter data of Tepco, the temperature of reactor 5 has gone up by


Don’t try to fight radiation

  Sorry for the low voice. I didn’t want to wake up the host family. Thank you very much for donation. I’m surprised at receiving them. Probably I can cover

Core removing struggle

There was nuclear fuel in reactor 4

Reactor 4 had nuclear fuel in it. The Fukushima blogger leaked information on her blog. <Quote start> きのう、 この話を聞いて、 Yesterday I heard this story. これを、ブログに上げて いいものなのか どうか ・・・ さんざん、迷いました。 I

Core removing struggle

Tepco is planning to check inside of the reactor2 by endoscope on 1/19

1/17/2012, NHK reported Tepco is planning to check inside of reactor2 by using endoscope on 1/19/2012. It is to see the water level and check the temperature inside of the