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Contaminated water crisis

Tepco “Molten Nuclear fuel not producing additional Tritium in reactors”

On 9/26/2013, Tepco announced radioactive water Tritium is not additionally produced in the reactors from their analysis. From their sampling of 10. 2012 ~ 5. 2013, Tritium density was the

Column Contaminated water crisis Cover-ups Sea contamination

[Column] Tepco may be gaining time before press question % of the direct leakage of the coolant water to the sea

Everything started this Spring. Suddenly Tepco got panicking and tested around everywhere in the plant area. All the results showed high level of radiation. It showed the possibility of sea


Reactor 6 coolant system accidentally stopped / Tepco “can restart in 1 hour” → took 2 hours, reason not verified

According to Tepco, the coolant system stopped in reactor6 at 10:16 AM of 7/25/2013. Tepco was conducting the automatic starting test of emergency diesel generator, but it caused the suspension


Reactor buildings are hidden by thick smoke

  Following up this article..Thick smoke from Fukushima plants again The “night smoke” has become thicker than ever. You can’t even see the reactor buildings. At this moment, the weather