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RERF admitted radiation may cause deaths due to non-cancer disease

Radiation Effects Research Foundation (A cooperative Japan-US research organization) secretly published the report about deaths due to non-cancer disease caused by radiation on 9/30/2011. <Start> Deaths due to non-cancer disease Analyses


The worst vegetable mutation

Vegetable mutation: sample taken in June, Saitama. @masason (← CEO of Softbank) これは酷い blog-imgs-45.fc2.com/f/u/k/fukushim… (2011/7/13) 6月埼玉にて収穫”” <Translation> This is horrible. (7/13/2011) Harvested in June, Saitama. <End> I suppose it’s a


Hidden fact about nuclear

Following up this article about gigantic vegetables… Vegetables around the Kanto area are becoming giant this year but the same phenomena has already been observed after the atomic bomb of


What’s actually happening to Fukushima people

Following up the article  http://fukushima-diary.com/2011/12/the-most-important-blog-in-the-world/ The woman (41) living in Minami soma updated the picture of her mouth. Self-proclaimed doctor in Minami soma left a comment saying “There is no