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Core removing struggle

PCV pressure of reactor2 suddenly decreased to be half / Reason not verified

According to Tepco, PCV pressure of reactor2 suddenly decreased in the early morning of 8/24/2013. The reason is not identified yet. Around 1:00 AM of 8/24/2013, Tepco found the PCV

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Research fund for the study of Fukushima biological impacts on the pale grass blue butterfly was cut

In citizens’ court for nuclear power, Dr. Matsui stated the research fund for the study of biological impacts due to Fukushima nuclear accident on the pale grass blue (Zizeeria maha) butterflies

Core removing struggle

Unidentified synchronicity between reactor water level and pressure in PCV of crippled reactor3

According to Tepco’s plant parameter, the pressure in PCV has been increasing in reactor3 since September. 2012. However, the reactor water level (fuel range A) has been decreasing since September.

Core removing struggle

[Unknown abnormality] RPV temperature of reactor2 jumping up and the PCV pressure is highest in December

According to Tepco’s parameters of temperature, RPV temperature of reactor2 started going up on 12/17/2012, and it went over PCV temperatures on 12/18/2012. Because the nuclear fuel has probably gone

Core removing struggle

[Concealed explosion at reactor2?] D/W pressure jumped up twice on 3/16/2011

On 11/19/2012, Fukushima Diary reported Tepco may be hiding unknown explosion occurred on 3/16/2011. [Link] The next day, 11/20/2012, Tepco quietly released the missing data, which was the D/W (Dry well)


[Express] “Cables were unplugged, pressure temporarily went out of control after M7.3”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous update. 一応、現段階では7日の地震によるフクイチの緊急速報は入ってきていません。ただ、ケーブル外れや一時的に圧力コントロールできなくなったなどの情報は入っていました。その情報が入ってきている最中にもやはり東電も国も「異常なし」との見解を発表してました。恐ろしい世界だな、と心底感じました — うちゃかさん (@sayakaiurani) 12月 9, 2012 <Translate> (An anonymous source from the inside of the government) At this moment, none of


[Express] Family pressure to stop evacuation

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous report.   子供達を連れて自主避難しますと言う私を、夫、義父母の三人が取り囲み「あなたが避難しませんというまでここを動きません!」と夜の8時から朝方4時半まで正座させられトイレも行けず。拷問みたいだった。 — りゅうさん (@anneshirley_g) 11月 13, 2012 <Translate> I told them I was going to evacuate with children. My husband and