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[Power stoppage] Tepco sounds serious, “Electric shock mark was found on the dead mouse”

  The power stoppage of 3/18/2013 was caused by the rat in the panel board supposedly. On 3/25/2013, Tepco released the report about the progress of the investigation. In this

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[Analysis] J gov can take over Tepco for the decommissioning work of Fukushima with a major legal reform

More and more people are starting to question if Tepco can really handle the decommissioning work of Fukushima. About 10 days before this post, they lost power in Fukushima plant,


Fukushima worker “Power outage frequently happens in Fukushima plant”

The radio show “Hodosuru radio” (MBS radio) reported a comment of a Fukushima worker. The announcer, Ueda introduced the comment of an anonymous Fukushima worker. The worker stated, “About the


Fukushima plant lost its power for 5 hours

  There was a power stoppage in Fukushima plant though it was a power station. Fukushima power plant had a power stoppage at 4:25 AM of 9/5/2012 (JST). The main