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[Ajisai] 145 lawyers offered the Metropolitan Police Department to lift the barricade

    Following up this article..[Ajisai] Protestors broke through police barricade Ajisai protest on every Friday has been interrupted by the blockade of hundreds of police and riot. 145 lawyers


[Ajisai] Noda will meet the organizer of Ajisai protest on 8/3/2012

  Noda has got the schedule for Friday night. Having said he would not meet the protestors, he is going to have a talk with the organizers of the Ajisai


[Ajisai Revolution] Photos of the 7/1 protest at Ohi plant

Following up this article..[Ohi] On a rainy day A Japanese photographer, Ms. Fumiko Kawazoe took photos of the protest on 7/1/2012. Copyright belongs to her.            


[Ajisai Revolution] World Wide Protest needs Japanese organizer

Multiple countries are ready to hold anti-nuclear protest connected to Ajisai Revolution in Japan. They are planning to have massive demonstrations from 10/13 ~ 10/14/2012, but they can’t get a


[Ajisai Revolution] Ex-PM Kan advised Noda to meet the organizer of the protest

  Following up this article..[Ajisai Revolution] Ex-PM Hatoyama will join the protest in front of official residence Japanese Ex-prime minister Kan advised Noda, the current Japanese prime minister to meet


[Ajisai Revolution] Photos of the protest on 7/20/2012

Because of the thick cloud, aerial photography was impossible. However, IWJ [Link] took photographs from the car driving around the protest.   ↓ Bicycle vs buses of riot police  


[Ajisai Revolution] Protest is ongoing all around in Japan

Protest is going on in Osaka (in front of Kepco head office), Nagoya, Sendai, Kagoshima and Hyogo as well. ↓ Live from Osaka Live video by Ustream   ↓ Nagoya,


[Ajisai Revolution] Anonybus to help protestors

Anonybus (anonymous bus) is driving around the official residence to help protestors move around. The organizer and sponsor are not known.                  


[Ajisai Revolution] Protest on vehicles

Police is interrupting the protest again, some of the protestors started joining on vehicles such as bicycles or cars.                   ↓ Hatoyama


[Ajisai Revolution] Lawyers are supporting the protest against malicious arrest

Having the excessive security of police being scared of the protest, the organizer arranged lawyers.   素晴らしい!「官邸前見守り弁護団」が発足しているそうだ。メンバーは黄色い腕章つける予定との事。万が一、警察官職務執行法の範囲を超えた過剰警備や、人権を脅かす不当行為などに遭遇した際は相談してみよう。#脱原発 #紫陽花革命 #緑党 — アッサム山中:アニマルライツ・脱原発新潟さん (@assam_yamanaka) 7月 20, 2012 <Translate> They say protest supporting