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[Express] “Collected signatures for ministries are just stocked in warehouse and ignored”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   <Translate> Petitions.. No matter how many signatures you collect, even if you directly submit it to vice-ministers, they are all put

Confirmed effects Cover-ups Effects to be confirmed

[Column] What is your next step ?

The mother was devastated. Her daughter was diagnosed with acute leukemia though they are evacuees. I heard this from my friend a couple of days ago. Because the mother is


[Column] What current anti-nuke activity lacks.

9:00AM 11/23/2012 in NY. I was knocking on the door of the apartment owner. I had been having a stomachache since early in the morning and got the toilet blocked


7.22 million signatures against nuclear power

<Quote> [Asahi] Oe speaks at anti-nuclear rally to gather 10 million signatures   By LOUIS TEMPLADO/ AJW Staff Writer More than a year after the reactors first melted down, the