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[Reader’s post] Tokyo supermarket selling peach labelled with double origins / “Fukushima・Wakayama” – Photo

A supermarket in Tokyo was selling peach labeling two different origins at once. A reader posted this on 7/23/2014.   The reader states the peach was found yesterday. The label

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[Support by eating] Fukushima agricultural associations request approx 200 companies to purchase Fukushima peach

The agricultural associations in Fukushima prefecture started requesting approx. 200 companies to purchase the peaches produced in Fukushima from 7/1/2014. The association consists of Japan Agricultural Cooperatives, co-op, fishery cooperative

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Fukushima exports apple to Thailand to fight harmful rumor

Though 42 countries/regions ban importing Fukushima agricultural products at the moment of 11/20/2012, Fukushima prefecture is going to export 360kg of the apples to Thailand in order to fight harmful

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Japanese convenient store LAWSON to sell Fukushima peach bread

After 11/27/2012, Lawson, a Japanese convenient store chain will start selling bread with Fukushima peach jam and whipped cream at 3,983 branches. (6 prefectures and Tokyo in Kanto area, 6

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[Column] Disaster doesn’t dream a dream

Most of the people think Fukushima has been settled down for some reason. I have no idea when, and where they got the idea. Probably they don’t even know that


Conjoint peaches found in Hiroshima

In Fukuyama city, Hiroshima, conjoint peaches were harvested. ↓ Location [Link] The dimeter of the top part is about 5cm, the bottom one is about 7cm. Mr. Araki, who harvested

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Japan exports Fukushima peach and has Imperial family consume it

  It’s impossible to think only peach is not contaminated among Fukushima agricultural products, but they are committing into the peach marketing by using an idol group “TOKIO” on TV


“Can’t see anything.”

A Japanese actor, Chii Takeo (69) was hospitalized. Now he’s having a complete checkup. He hasn’t had any major disease but he suddenly claimed “I can’t see anything.” They say